Back Pain FAQ

Back Pain Chiropractic FAQ

Are you holding back from taking charge of your back pain? 

  • Is Chiropractic care safe?  Yes literally 1000′s of times more safe than commonly used medication.
  • Do you believe there is no effective treatment for back pain?

  •  Are you concerned that treatment for back pain might not be covered by your benefits plan or provincial health plan?

    Approximately 80% of all benefit plans cover insurance for chiropractic care.  We can inquire on your behalf .


  •  Are you worried about what a diagnosis might mean if you visit a health professional?  Most back pain is neuro-muskulo-skeletal.  Serious pathology is only an extremely small percentage for back pain.
  •  Do you hope your back pain will go away on its own

         Back pain can be treated. Stop holding back and talk to a            chiropractor.


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